We prioritize

Health and Safety

We are committed to the health and safety of all employees, contractors, clients, and the public. The ultimate goal of our health and safety policy is to have an incident-free environment and protection from accidental loss. Our entire team is responsible for ensuring that the safety program is continually updated and maintained. Team members at every level are responsible and accountable for our overall safety initiatives.

"Safety First, Last and Always."

We take responsibility in upholding this commitment by:
responsible for obeying

safety rules

All Hilton Brothers employees and contractors are responsible for obeying all safety rules, following recommended safe work procedures, wearing and using personal protective equipment when required, participating in safety training programs, and informing supervisors of any unsafe work conditions. Team members have the option to opt-out of any activities they deem unsafe and have the right to refuse unsafe work. We do not expect anyone to sacrifice the safety or well-being of personnel for expediency or any other reason.

Management, employees and contractors are all committed to meeting this policy, now and in the future.

The safety information in this program does not take precedence over any applicable legislation.